Due to this weekends terrorist attacks, Denmark has been forced to merge into a new political reality. We all knew it was only a matter of time before something like this would happen, but instead of this terrorist attack being one of mere anticipation, we experienced actual public murder. To those who have fallen victim to Copenhagen’s shootings this weekend, our thoughts are with them and their families

There are already many people who demand more monitoring, increased border control, and greater power to be placed in the hands of police forces and intelligence agencies—at least this is how part of the debate on social media has evolved. Also, some commentators and politicians have taken the opportunity to blame the political Left for these attacks due to the Left´s vision of humanism and tolerance within Denmark´s social and cultural diversity.

Needless to say, the greatest danger right now is the spread of fear and mistrust amongst the people. Therefore, we must first and foremost work to reduce the feeling of anxiety caused by this event, so it does not control our actions and priorities in the coming weeks. This situation is too serious for finger-pointing rhetoric. Instead, it will require a process of introspection and empathy from all of us.

For there is not one, but many social causes that can give birth to such a terrible act, as we have witnessed this weekend, with more of them becoming rooted in circumstances that are beyond Denmark. If there is to be a way out of this unfortunate situation, it will require that people – across all political, social, cultural, and religious divides – join together in solidarity to defend both personal and social freedoms. This is based on the perspective that all of us in Denmark have the power and responsibility to shape the society of tomorrow. If we succeed – and we must – we can emerge as stronger, more united individuals as a result of the tragedy that we are currently facing