The Alternative, Denmark’s new political party, has gathered enough voter signatures to stand in the forthcoming general election. According to the party’s counting barometer, The Alternative has not only reached the required 20,260 signatures, but has also collected an additional 488.

“We have crossed the finish line,” says Uffe Elbæk, the party’s founder and representative in Parliament. However, the Ministry of Interior must still officially approve the collected 20,260 signatures from citizens sharing The Alternative’s determination to combat global climate change and rising inequality – in short: To revoke the effects and destruction of neo-liberalistic practices, and make Denmark the best country for the world through a serious sustainable transition – environmentally, socially, and economically.

“We are told to consume more and work harder, but people are beginning to realize that we are caught in a never ending downward spiral. Almost a third of working Danes are suffering from severe stress or are feeling burnt out. Meanwhile, we are painting our once blue planet pitch black. It is time to stop and think for a second, and then act. That is the ‘why’ behind the Alternative,” says Uffe Elbæk.

Another important mission for The Alternative is to combat the rising distrust of Danish politicians by creating a new political culture of openness, honesty, and citizen engagement. The Alternative is continually achieving the latter through political laboratories where citizens of all political beliefs are invited to share their ideas, thereby helping to build The Alternative’s agenda and enter history as the first 100 percent crowd-sourced political program.

The Alternative contends that the 21st century is the century for environment, entrepreneurs, and community, and that the time calls for the individual’s creative power, the community’s thoughtfulness, a sense of solidarity, and a common recognition of the need for fundamental change.

“It is liberating; The Alternative will now put a new, grassroots force behind the demand for genuine sustainability,” says Uffe Elbæk. “We must do better.”

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