How we do politics

How is a political culture curious and courageous?

The Alternative has set the course. Our values are clear. But we only know about a fraction of the many solutions and ideas which are going to be necessary to create a sustainable and culturally rich society.

The Alternative believes that together we can create much better political solution solutions than we do today. That is why we invite everyone both in Denmark and abroad to send questions, ideas and input for developing The Alternative’s political proposals.

The Alternative will generate policies together with citizens of all ages and in all parts of the country through events and workshops. We will focus on challenges, opportunities and good examples. Ideas will be gathered which can be developed into solid political proposals and serious sustainable scenarios for the future.

The development of the Alternative’s poltitics takes place in five phases: 

Phase 1: Gathering of knowledge about challenges and opportunities.

Our first step will be to map out the challenges and opportunities in each area. We will do that by gathering personal stories, experience and knowledge through events and workshops as well as online on our website and through social media.

We will categorize the input for the next phase into general challenges and opportunities.

Phase 2: Gathering ideas

In phase 2 we will seek ideas which can respond to the challenges and opportunities from phase 1. That will also happen in both actual events and online, where anyone can make suggestions and comment on them.

The phase will conclude with a new categorization of the ideas gathered. After that, all the material will be passed to the Transition Councils.

Phase 3: Qualifying and Perspective
The Transition Councils will consist of external practitioners and experts tasked with qualifying the challenges and ideas gathered, as well as making recommendations and questions about the further work.

Phase 4: Further development of The Alternative’s policies, specific political proposals and standalone projects.
Building on the work of the Transition Councils, the ideas will once again be published on our website and taken along to all the events. The objective is for every idea to be developed further based on the questions put, so that they can eventually become part of the Alternative’s overall policy or become specific political proposals. And we hope that some of the ideas will become standalone projects which take on the own life outside The Alternative.

 Phase 5: Recommendation and Adoption

Finally, the political proposals will be discussed by The Alternative’s political leadership and recommended for adoption as official policy at the first annual general meeting in June.